Artificial grass

... for landscaping applications

Regal Grass is the top quality artificial grass. Whatever the harsh climate of Australia can throw at it, Regal Grass is completely unperturbed. The grass retains its rich green colour year after year. It is extensively tested for UV-resistance and protection against discolouration under the most extreme circumstances.


Unique artificial grass

With a robust core, the backbone of the fibres maintains the upright stance of the fibre. You will recognise our products by this patented natural V shape. This unique feature makes that our artificial grass stands out!



As we are continuously striving to improve our grass looks, we have been working on a breakthrough development. We are proud to introduce our latest generation fibres with MiNT-Technology.


Products and prices

At this website you will find information on our most popular artificial grass products. To make sure you choose the right product, contact one of our partners for free advice and a no-obligation quote.


Sustainable artificial grass

There is more to our artificial grass than being green! One of our primary goals at Regal Grass is to make our artificial grass more sustainable.


Business opportunity

We are looking for dealers in Australia who are passionate about artificial grass and settle for nothing less than top-quality products and first-rate service. Please contact us!

Artificial lawns

artificial-grassWhen we have grass in our living environment we experience a feeling of luxury. It is fresh, pure and peaceful. Unfortunately, much of this beautiful green has given way to tiles and concrete.

» Artificial lawns

Maintenance-low playgrounds

artificial-grass Regal Grass is a beautiful, hard-wearing product with a natural appearance. This offers many advantages and is perfect for playgrounds.

» Playgrounds

Public landscaping

artificial-grass-publicDurability and low maintenance are two important aspects of landscaping solutions. Regal Grass may well provide the ideal solution.

» Public landscaping